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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

US threatens sanctions against India over Iranian Oil

The Nobel Peace Prize Laureate in the White House continues to test the limits of such an award and the apathy of the American people. Not surprisingly, this being an election year, the president is doing everything he must to just barely get by and toe the line between honoring his promises of peace, (rhetorically at least) and submitting to the military-industrial-complex. To anyone who is actually paying attention, this president is easily the most warmongering in history and quite possibly the most arrogant ruler we've ever had. Despite all his despotism, his supporters either ignore his actions and cower behind Democratic talking points, or brazenly embrace their emperor. How many conflicts are we fighting? How many more are to come? When will the killing stop?

The Obama administration is threatening to impose sanctions on India over its continued economic ties with Iran amid disagreements between Washington and New Delhi over how much and how soon the latter is reducing oil imports from the (in US eyes) pariah nation.

India has "failed" to reduce its purchase of Iranian oil and if it doesn't do so, President Barack Obama may be "forced" to impose sanction, unnamed administration officials were cited as telling Bloomberg wire service. A decision in this regard could come as early as June 28, they added, implicitly offering New Delhi a ten- week window to show a decline in Iranian oil imports.

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Drew Martin,
Blogger, THL