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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What if George W. Bush had done that?

I found myself siding with the left when it was relentlessly attacking Bush and gang for civil liberty abuses and the murderous wars. But now that their civil liberty slashing, warmongering horror is now running the government goon machine and foreign policy, the left has mostly gone DEAD SILENT, except for a few brave souls like like Glenn Greenwald.
A series of recent moves — from aggressively filling his reelection war chest to green-lighting shoot-to-kill orders against an American terror suspect overseas — would have triggered a massive backlash if George W. Bush had tried them, say former Bush administration officials and a few on the political left...Salon columnist Glenn Greenwald, an icon of what the Obama White House famously dubbed “the professional left,” also sees a strange lack of interest toward some of Obama’s policies. Among them: his administration’s claim that the Constitution allows executive use of armed drones to kill U.S. citizens abroad deemed to be terrorist operatives. “Virtually all the Democrats who were apoplectic about Bush and were constantly complaining about him ‘trampling on our values’ over eavesdropping and detention have been silent about assassination, even though it’s so much more severe,” Greenwald said. “It isn’t that Obama is necessarily any worse on civil liberties than Bush. The point is he’s able to get away with so much more.”

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