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Monday, March 19, 2012

What a Lovely Day for the Total State

The total state has arrived - there is nothing that Fedzilla doesn't claim dominion over. It's absolute powers go unchallenged.
Ah, what a weekend, with blue skies, singing birds, buddy cherry blossoms, and the government’s announcement that it has totalitarian control over everything. Wait, what was that last thing? It was an Executive Order released late Friday that no one on the planet seemed to notice until about 30 hours later. It is unnumbered but called “National Defense Resources Preparedness.” Let’s call it NDRP. The first I heard of it was Sunday morning. Something called The Examiner had a write up about this order in which which President Obama would, in the event of an emergency or even in “peacetime,” assume control of all energy, food, water, people — the whole of the material and natural world as we know it! — and claim the right to requisition professions to serve the state. Nuts, right? Some more of the conspiracy stuff that has lately been clogging up the web. By 6am, there was still only that one news story, but there were 463 forum discussions, and 1,410 blog commentaries. Six hours later, there were 8 news stories (none of them from a mainstream source), plus 712 forum discussion, and 3,640 blog commentaries. Oh, and an uncountable number of Tweets. How could all these paranoids be yammering on about something that hadn’t even been conformed by the New York Times, CNN, and MSNBC?
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