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Friday, March 16, 2012

When Wall Street Makes Crap Loans, It's a Crisis; When DOE's Steven Chu Does It, It's Green Energy.

The government subsidizes more schemes and scams that do nothing to produce more energy but do accomplish significantly increasing the cost of energy. Green energy is nothing more than appeasing the Globaloney gods (corporatists and crooks). The poor and middle class suffer the most from the insanity of green energy.
The GAO looked at the handling of $30 billion outstanding in loan guarantees and future commitments and discovered that the DOE rarely follows its own written procedures for vetting and auditing applications. In fact, in many cases, the Loan Guarantee Program (LGP) couldn’t even find the data managers needed to administer the loans properly... In almost every case study investigated by the GAO, important steps got skipped in the reviews that determined whether loan applications would be granted. In other cases, the documentation was so poor that the GAO couldn’t figure out what the LGP did... The process had at least an 85 percent failure rate on its process check. Most people would not associate that level of process accuracy with a grade of A-minus.... With $30 billion in taxpayer money at risk, the DOE under Steven Chu didn’t bother to conduct the reviews it claimed it would on applications for loan guarantees..
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