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Monday, March 19, 2012

Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Running for Australian Senate

Mashable reports:

"Julian Assange is still under house arrest in Britain while he appeals extradition to Sweden, but that’s not stopping the audacious secret-spiller from planning his next move: running for a seat in the Australian Senate.

Assange announced his run through Wikileaks, the leak-disseminating organization he founded. He’s still wanted in Sweden to answer accusations of sexual assault and rape, but according to Wikileaks, that doesn’t stop the Australian native from running for a senate seat in his home country."

The Associated Press adds:

“We have discovered that it is possible for Julian Assange to run for the Australian Senate while detained. Julian has decided to run,” WikiLeaks announced on Twitter.

Assange has criticized Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s center-left government for not standing up for him against the potential threat of his extradition to the United States for prosecution over WikiLeaks’ release of hundreds of thousands of classified U.S. documents.

Australian police have concluded that WikiLeaks and Assange have not broken any Australian laws by publishing the U.S. cables, although Gillard has condemned the action as “grossly irresponsible.”

John Wanna, an Australian National University political scientist, said it was possible for Assange to run for a Senate seat if he remains on the Australian electoral roll despite living overseas for several years.

So I'm going to say that any libertarian anarchist, agorist, voluntaryist, or some other such species of libertarian who opposes involvement in the electoral process--now needs to be at least as badass as Julian Assange when it comes to actively subverting the world's corrupt governments outside the electoral process before they have a leg to stand on.

If anyone has the cred to say the system isn't worth participating in any longer and needs to be cleansed with a healthy dose of truth and transparency from the outside, it's Julian Assange. Julian Assange has decided to go the way of Ron Paul and make a run for his country's Senate. Good for him.

Assange for Senate 2013!

Wes Messamore,
Editor in Chief, THL
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