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Saturday, March 17, 2012


Nothing makes me happier than the success of the alternative media that is doing some serious damage to government controlled MSM. The Daily Bell does an excellent job tracking the rise of what it calls the Internet Reformation. Recently, it's been chirping in on the Kony 2012 fiasco which it perceives as statist propaganda.
We track dominant social themes here at the Daily Bell, and the spectacular implosion of the "Stop Kony 2012" campaign is a further example of how these memes are disintegrating under the pressure of what we call the Internet Reformation. We commented on this in this past week, in "Kony 2012 Debunking Shows How Far Alternative Media Has Come." But we wrote that article before the spectacular implosion of the "artistic creator" of the video, who apparently had a nervous breakdown due to the reception of the video and was sent to a psychiatric facility. I am not one to rejoice at this sort of thing. In fact, it is a personal and familial tragedy for the person involved, obviously. On the other hand, the video itself was fairly despicable, in my view, and obviously and evidently the intention was to create a power elite meme. This is not idle speculation. Alternative media reports may have firmly fixed the producers of the video, "Invisible Children," within the larger framework of the State Department and its infamous AYM sponsorship. The "youth movements" that the power elite has assiduously cultivated over the past decade or more are responsible for destabilizing numerous countries around the world now. The Invisible Children non-profit seems to me to be firmly entrenched within this Intel paradigm. No doubt, if their funding stream is analyzed closely it will emerge that various strands of support lead back to elite foundations and personalities.
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