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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Your tax dollars went to lobbying for higher taxes

Few folks are aware that tax dollars are frequently used to lobby against tax payer interests and in favor of higher taxes and government programs. Apparently, tax payer funded lobbying is legal or never prosecuted if illegal.
Did you know that the Federal Government was spending taxpayer dollars on organizations that would lobby local governments to tax sugar and soda? Were you also aware that such activity is illegal? A recent report from The Daily Caller showed that $230 million had flowed in obesity prevention grants to 30 states as part of the Communities Putting Prevention to Work Initiative. The program was established as part of the 2009 “stimulus” bill. The report from The Daily Caller brought attention to the fact that some of the $230 million found its way to influence peddlers who lobby local governments for higher soda and sugar taxes.
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