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Saturday, April 7, 2012

4 Massive Government Bubbles; 3 Major Events That Will Burst The Bubbles

The real state of the union.
The Tech and Housing Bubbles That Created These Giant Failures Were SMALL in Comparison to the Greatest Bubble of All, Being Created RIGHT NOW!...First, we have an unprecedented Government Debt Bubble...Second, we are witnessing the Greatest Monetary Bubble in U.S. history...Third, we have a Government Employment Bubble...Fourth, and most dangerous, there’s the Entitlement Bubble...But Soon, Three Major Events Will Burst This Massive Bubble...First, the U.S. government is going to lose its primary creditors — overseas investors....Second, that’s why the Federal Reserve has had no choice but to temporarily fill the gap....Third, ultimately entitlements must be cut — just like they’re being cut in Europe. In Spain, Greece, Portugal and Italy, those cuts are taking massive amounts of money out of the economy and plunging them into deep recessions. Imagine what will happen when the world’s largest government with the world’s largest entitlement obligations begins making similar kinds of cuts! Make no mistake: This great government bubble — probably the greatest mankind has ever seen — is destined to burst.
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