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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Alaska GOP warned to stop meddling with Ron Paul delegates

The Alaska GOP had declared WAR on Ron Paul and Ron Paul has declared WAR on Alaska's corrupt and crooked GOP.
The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign has fired a warning shot at the Alaska Republican Party and its longtime chairman, Randy Ruedrich, over what it perceives as unfair treatment of Paul delegates to the upcoming GOP conventions....Cutler's response echoed what the Paul for President campaign's lawyer spelled out in an April 17 letter excoriating Ruedrich for what amounts to party mismanagement that threatens to violate "rights of Alaskans to participate in the political process." The letter, from David A. Warrington of the Virginia law firm LeClairRyan, takes Ruedrich to task for frustrating Paul supporters "at every turn" for not accepting checks, not promptly returning money orders, confusing credit card processing, and other alleged misdeeds. The Paul campaign decided to intercede and attempted to pay some fees for Alaskans that wanted to stand up for Paul at the state and national conventions. Ruedrich and the GOP refused payment from the national campaign.
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Alaska Dispatch 

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