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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ann Coulter Is Essentially Right

Anthony Gregory is the last person I'd expect to agree with Atomic Annie Coulter but Gregory, like most Libertarians, have no problem agreeing with anybody who is right on an issue even if they are dead wrong on most issues.
Even with that caveat, it is a rare thing for me to say. But I agree with the thrust of Ann Coulter’s latest column, and the main argument she has been making in her media appearances about it: Those who fear anti-black racism should favor that blacks arm themselves. Even more important, we should recognize that gun control in this country (as in others) has historically been used to oppress minorities, particularly racial minorities. Laws disarming blacks during slavery, Black Codes, and Jim Crow marked the first major instances of gun control in this country. And assuming the most racially charged narrative concerning the Trayvon Martin case were true, the answer would indeed not be more gun control, as every liberal has seemed to suggest, but, as Coulter proposes, the opposite: If blacks fear violent attacks from whites, they should protect themselves by their unqualified right to bear arms. Here is where I think Coulter goes astray. First, her partisanship almost ruins her point....
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