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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ann Romney Birthday Fundraiser: Some Attendees Question Obama's Citizenship

I wish that Republicans would just let go of the Birther issue. Obama is a citizen, his citizenship emanates from his Kansas born mother and if he was born on Mars Obama would still a U.S. natural born citizen. The courts have consistently ruled that a child born of a female U.S. citizen is a U.S. citizen regardless of where they were born. The operative wording in the Constitution is "at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution". The founders merely wanted to avoid the possibility of a royalist loyalist running for president (and for clearly obvious reasons). Idiot Donald Trump jumping on the Birther issue was nothing more than shameless pandering to the Obama hating GOP base.
On Tuesday, Melania & Donald Trump hosted a "birthday celebration" at their Trump Tower home for Ann Romney. The Women For Romney event required a $1,000 per person contribution to Mitt Romney's presidential campaign. The Huffington Post did not attend the gathering, which reportedly netted more than $600,000 for the Romney campaign, but we stood outside the building and spoke to many of the attendees. Trump is famously skeptical of President Barack Obama's citizenship, despite ample evidence, including a birth certificate, proving he was born in the United States. So one of the questions we posed to people heading into the fundraiser was simply: Do you agree with Trump that questions remain about Obama's citizenship? We expected the question to be laughed off. It wasn't.
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