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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Arianna Huffington: Nobody believes Obama’s jobs rhetoric anymore

Folks may not believe Obama but I believe that he stands an excellent change of getting re-elected, largely because all the Republicans, except for Ron Paul, are totally terrifying, totally clueless and totally indifferent to the true nature of the problems that we face.
The reality of a bad economic situation is beginning to set in on the left and some of the more honest lefties are now admitting that there isn’t a hopeful outlook for Obama’s re-election. I’ve included the entire interview of Arianna Huffington with LarryO because of not only the way she trashes Obama and his renewed focus on jobs, but also the way that she talks about how disenfranchised people on the left feel with this debt deal. She even goes as far as saying that Obama needs ‘intense therapy’ so that he can explain to himself why he agreed to such a debt deal. ...Arianna says that she went back and counted the number of times Obama said he was focused on jobs and apparently it’s so many times that she says no one believes him anymore.
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