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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Australia to ban scientific debate on climate change – report, Australian Government to Ban Free Scientific Inquiry on the Internet

Quite shocking. The folks "Down Under" are down and out when it comes to liberty, science and the free exchange of information. The Australia government wants to ban all scientific research that doesn't agree with the Australia government's version of climate change and its statistics. This move is wildly supported by Australia's Labor Party and leftist Greens. Like most of the rest in the West, truth is verboten.  If the totalitarians don't like something, they just outlaw it.
...the Australian Labor Party and extreme leftist Greens are preparing to make law the 470-page Finkelstein Report to ban from it’s borders those scientists and free-thinkers that are increasingly congregating to the maverick independent global science community, Principia Scientific International (PSI). PSI was founded precisely to fulfill a growing need because mainstream journals are increasingly shown to be refusing to publish any counter-establishment science. One such victim of Australia’s attack on science is Professor Alberto Boretti, Assoc. Professor at the University of Ballarat, School of Science & Engineering. Dr. Boretti, a computational expert, has struggled for two years trying to get mainstream journals to publish his damning study proving government scientists have been falsifying sea level rises around the coasts of Australia. He found, “The measured rate of rise of sea levels is not increasing and climate models should be revised to match the experimental evidence.” Dr. Boretti’s work was painstakingly reviewed by dozens of independent scientists connected with PSI but still the mainstream journals refused to touch it, he claims, for political reasons.
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