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Monday, April 23, 2012

B of A says it won't service gun companies, tells McMillan International to get lost

It appears that the latest scheme to smack down 2nd amendment rights is to utilizes the services of financial institutions who are increasingly refusing to process gun and gun related transactions.
We all know guns are politically incorrect. But cash is king,...or at least, used to be. For us gun people, things are always getting shat upon, and our sub-culture is always getting squeezed out of the mainstream juuuuuust a liiiiittle bit more all the time.First Craigslist banned guns and ammo, then Ebay. Then PayPal started refusing to process any transaction linked to guns. Then Chase started getting flakey about gun businesses who had accounts with them. And now,...Bank Of America. For us gun folks, this has been something we've been dealing with increasing frequency for some years now. Guys who buy and sell anything related to guns themselves online and who transfer funds via PayPal have had to learn to make sure the word gun appears nowhere in the transaction notes or description. So when we hear about the next financial service or online marketplace refusing to have anything to do with guns, it is regrettable, but not exactly surprising. One company just learned they are now persona non grata: McMillan International, based in Phoenix, Arizona. Makers of some of the best rifles and related gear in all the world, who's military sniper weapons have performed some of the longest successful combat shots on record.
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