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Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Brit offer an analysis of the neocons vs. Ron Paul

The US media is an abomination but foreign media is considerably more insightful in analyzing what happens in the US. A British journalist accurately observed that Marco Rubio's foreign policy speech was a total repudiation of Ron Paul's foreign policy. Rubio's speech was an attack on Ron Paul.
H.L. Mencken long ago observed that the daily press in the United States is far inferior to that of other countries. We certainly see that in the failure by just about every major media outlet to realize the difference between genuine conservatives and the adherents of that liberal internationalist philosophy known as "neo" conservatism. Fortunately, the Brits can handle such obvious distinctions. Here's an article in which writer Tim Stanley notes the obvious about the latest great neocon hope, Marco Rubio: Rubio’s target is obvious: Ron Paul, Rand Paul, and those elements of the Tea Party Right that dissented on Libya. Given that it barely scraped 20 percent in most primaries, it’s amazing how much the Paulite revolt seems to have upset the Republican establishment. In fact, Rubio’s entire speech (and it’s a long one) reads like a step-by-step rebuttal of the Paulite critique of neoconservative foreign policy – the belief that America has a moral duty and a strategic interest to promote global democracy.
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