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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Charla Nash’s Lawyer Blames State For Chimp Attack, Seeks $150 Million

A woman was brutally attacked while visiting a friend with a chimpanzee; the chimp ripped off her ears, eyes, hands, and nose and she underwent a face transplant. She wants to sue the State of Connecticut for $150 million because state agencies failed to enforce their own animal control laws.
Charla Nash is still recovering from a face transplant and wants to sue the state of Connecticut over the chimpanzee attack that nearly killed her three years ago...Bridgeport attorney Charles Willinger, who represents Nash, exclusively told Schneidau that he believes that the near-fatal mauling could have been avoided. He said the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection ignored its own regulations regarding private ownership of potentially dangerous animals. “They knew it was an accident waiting to happen. They knew the animal had no permit, and in spite of all this, the DEEP took no action,” Willinger told Schneidau. “Under Connecticut law… the DEEP must either issue a permit or the statute says it shall seize and dispose of the animal. It chose to do neither.” Nash is hoping to sue the state for $150 million...
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