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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

CISPA: Congress Takes Another Run at the Internet

Governments everywhere are working feverishly to destroy the last remnant of free speech - the Internet. They seek to seize it and control it.
Once upon a time there was a bill called SOPA. Some evil trolls who worked and conducted meetings in a big domed building in Washington DC tried to make a wicked law to allow them to close people’s internet-based businesses and websites whenever they wanted, for the silliest of reasons, much to the delight of the head ogre who lived in a big White House. The people of the land all stood up angrily and complained to fight against the law, and through their efforts, defeated the trolls and the head ogre. The laws of the internet remained fair, the trolls were duly chastened, the ogre pretended benevolence and the people lived happily ever after, internet freedoms intact,..Well…..until the dragon CISPA reared it’s ugly head. As we predicted here, the government has been busily creating a law to “protect” us from cyber-attacks like the one recently threatened by Anonymous.
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