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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Club Obama: President Compromised by Secret Service Orgy with Hookers in Cartagena

As the New World Order elites meet in Cartagena, Columbia to plot their military takeover of the world and its resources under a global totalitarian dictatorship that enslaves the people, Obama's security team of Secret Service agents was apparently more interested in partying with the locals than in protecting the president. Other political elites at this major event included Hillary Clinton and Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, a liberty sellout who is on Romney's short list for Vice President.
There was a time when the Secret Service represented the best of the best, dependable men beyond reproach and most importantly, they were incorruptible. They were those chaps who would do anything in order to keep their country safe. In short, they were America’s finest. Oh, how times have changed. As President Obama and his royal entourage touched down in Cartagena, Colombia for the Summit of the Americas on Friday afternoon, it seems that his elite security detail had other, more pressing matters on their minds – wasting no time getting busy sampling some of the South America’s local delicacies.
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