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Friday, April 13, 2012

Crony Hollywood: Chris Dodd says that MPAA is Negotiating with White House on SOPA II

These guys are not going to quit. Hollywood wants what essentially is a bailout in SOPA. Its model is old and tired. The Hollywood establishment has a vision of intellectual property (see Disney’s efforts to extend copyright to “life of the creator plus 70 years”) that makes absolutely no sense in the world as it is today. It makes even less sense in the world that is to come. The guys at the studios know they are in serious trouble and that is why they are working their friends in government while they still can. They get SOPA now and hang on for another decade and a half or they will see their bloated, union heavy, system collapse in the next few years. They saw what happened to music and they don’t want to end up like the recording industry. What is particularly scary is that Chris Dodd, and the boys over at the MPAA are probably willing to do real damage to the 1st Amendment to preserve their way of life. So, as predicted, the battle earlier this year over SOPA/PIPA is just the beginning. The Motion Picture Association of America will not quit because it perceives that it is in a life or death struggle. Frankly it is for them. But they are going to die even with SOPA. They just don’t realize it yet.
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