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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Deflecting Attention From The Real Question

As the Zero Hedge article notes, "the spin is becoming dizzying" and MSM headlines like "Ron Paul Supporters Need to Sober Up" and "Supporting Ron Paul is Naive: Small Governments are for Small Countries" are outright establishment attacks on the Paulite liberty activists. The media has given up marginalizing and attacking Ron Paul because it backfired and increased Ron Paul's momentum - now they are going after his supporters.
The US is now about to enter fully-fledged "election mode". With only two candidates left in the "race" for the Republican nomination - only one according to the mainstream media, but more on that [below] - the "issues" at stake in the upcoming election are now being very carefully tailored for an increasingly unruly domestic US political audience. A less polite way of phrasing this is that the spin is becoming dizzying. The foremost task of preparing for the November vote is to maintain the illusion that any and all economic or financial "hiccups" which might affect the US in the next six months are not home gown....Here are two typical headlines from the US mainstream media in the wake of the five primary votes held on April 24. "Ron Paul Supporters Need to Sober Up". "Supporting Ron Paul is Naive: Small Governments are for Small Countries". And here is a quote from each of the stories behind these headlines: "...for some completely unapparent reason, Ron Paul and his campaign have refused to acknowledge what should be common and logical sense. Instead, they march onward with their futile and meaningless campaign while continuing to immorally solicit donations from their similarly blinded supporters." [and] "Young people with little experience in the real world are drawn to Ron Paul's small government championship. ...Yes, size matters in government services as it does in business. Too many customers without enough servers drives folks elsewhere in search of better customer service in the real business world. A large population requires a large government service organization to effectively manage. So, if Ron Paul supporters want a smaller government, they might try going to a smaller country."
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