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Monday, April 2, 2012


A persuasive discussion on why little countries are a much better bet than big countries. Of course, if the US had a functioning constitution America would be 50 separate mostly sovereign nations.
I enjoy strong, vibrant economies where optimism and opportunity dominate the scene– not chaos and negativity. There are a lot of places around the world that fit this mold– their economies are healthy and people are legitimately confident about the future. From Estonia to Hong Kong to Andorra to Singapore, there are common elements in these countries that have greatly contributed to their success: 1) They’re small. 2) They have governments that generally stay out of the way....Once a country becomes too large, any system of government will become oppressive. Small countries, conversely, don’t have the resources to wage wars or build huge bureaucracies. They’re forced by circumstance to allow the market to work and the private sector to flourish. Singapore and Hong Kong are great examples. They’re not waging wars, dropping bombs, or establishing far flung military bases. Both countries are devoid of any natural resources, and their only means of survival and success have been to step out of the way and let the market take over.
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