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Friday, April 6, 2012

Dick Durbin: Get a hybrid car or die

Is Dick Durbin a brain dead moron? Does he really believe that the Texas tornadoes were caused by global warming and forcing everybody to drive a hybrid vehicle will stop tornadoes? I live in Texas - tornadoes happen all the time, and the Gulf of Mexico side of Texas gets hit with hurricanes. Weather happens and there isn't a hill of beans that anybody can do to stop the weather. Nonetheless, fear mongering remains a powerful tool of the tyrannical political class - do as I say or die!
Real Clear Politics reports: Sen. Dick Durbin reacts to the tornadoes in Dallas, Texas earlier this week. Durbin calls for more laws regulating carbon output while he sends a dire warning that we must convert to hybrid cars or lose our life. Durbin says we must spend money now to fix the problem. “It’s your money or your life,” he said a press conference. “We are either going to dedicate ourselves to a cleaner, more livable planet and accept the initial investment necessary or we’re going to pay a heavier price in terms of loss of human life, damage and costs associated with it.”
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