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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Does it Matter if Obama Beats Romney? Does it Matter if Hollande Beats Sarkozy?

Mish Shedlock makes an incredibly valid point - it doesn't really matter if Obama defeats Romney. In fact, Mish suggest that a GOP defeat in Nov. might actually be a good thing and pave the way for Rand Paul in 2016 or a similar candidate.
On the surface, and for similar reasons it will not matter whether Obama wins or Romney wins. Discounting a supreme court decision, the US will be stuck with Obamacare on one hand or Romneycare on the other...Both Romney and Obama are warmongers, the only question is to the degree. When it comes to military spending and waging wars, Romeny is nutzoid-rightwing and Obama simply strongly-rightwing. Romney practically guarantees war with Iran but Obama makes the odds merely likely..On the plus side (or minus side depending on your point of view) Obama will   pander to the public unions but Romney won't, but will either candidate bring about much change in either direction? I suggest not. Will Romney or Obama deal with the budget deficit? Once again the answer is no....Moreover, once elected, Romney's primary goal will to be reelected. That means Romney will pander to the politics of graft and bailouts. His wishy-washy track record proves just that. So does it matter? On the surface it doesn't....However, if Romney is elected, four years from now the US may face the disastrous choice of Hillary Clinton vs. four more years of Romney. That thought alone should be enough to make any sensible US citizen throw up.
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