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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Establishment Republicans find Ron Paul supporters threatening

Of course those who hate Ron Paul are freaking out over Ron Paul and his supporters but not because they fear he could win the Republican nomination but because the Paulites hold the power to inflict general election misery on the GOP. The GOP will pay a horrific price for marginalizing the liberty activists and treating us like pond scum. I look forward to it!
Elected as a delegate at my local caucus on February 7, I attended our district's BPOU (Basic Political Operating Unit) convention earlier today. It was a somewhat tedious, but overall pleasant, experience. It was also rather enlightening. After registering and entering the meeting room, the first thing I noticed was the stack of papers that had been placed on the seats. Most were campaign brochures, but one page in particular caught my attention. It was entitled "Open Letter to Ron Paul Supporters in the 4th CD." The author, Mitch Berg, wanted to let all the "Ronualns" know that their membership in a "personality cult" jeopardized the Republican Party's chances in the upcoming elections: Just like four years ago, you flooded GOP precinct caucuses, and are in the process of flooding the BPOU Conventions, and trying to push your delegates on to the CD, State and (you hope) National conventions. And that’s fine; that’s how the process works. What’s “worse” is that, like four years ago, so very very very very very many of you will never be seen again after your next round of conventions. You’ll show up, do your bit for Ron Paul – but not the GOP – and disappear, likely not to be seen again. There are some exceptions – but they are rare. Your commitment is to Ron Paul, not to the GOP.."
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