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Monday, April 23, 2012

Federal agents raid Patapsco Flea Market

The Department of Homeland Security raids a flea market and charges 30 vendors with selling unlicensed merchandise. The selling of knock-offs has been around for nearly forever. Folks know the merchandise is a low cost knock-off and they love it. The idiot government claims "Individuals who produce and sell counterfeit goods harm the American economy.". That's an outright lie. Folks who buy knock-offs would never pay the retail price for the product so the knock-off business is good for the economy and creates jobs driven by consumer demand. Homeland Security? Like a knock-off vendor is a national security threat or a terrorist!
Capping a lengthy investigation into counterfeit and pirated merchandise, including the allegedly illegal use of a major sports apparel trademark, federal Homeland Security Investigations agents on Sunday raided the Patapsco Flea Market and confiscated numerous items being sold there...."HSI special agents, with assistance from our law enforcement and industry partners, are seizing what is believed to be counterfeit, pirated and unlicensed merchandise that was being sold at the flea market," Navas said....In a statement Sunday, Under Armour said: "Individuals who produce and sell counterfeit goods harm the American economy. The reality of counterfeiting is that it's much greater than just buying a knock off item at a discounted price, it's a multibillion dollar a year problem that undermines corporations." In 1996, Baltimore police charged 30 vendors at the Patapsco Flea Market with selling counterfeit clothing. Authorities confiscated more than $1 million worth of what police alleged was counterfeit Nike, Timberland and Tommy Hilfiger apparel.
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