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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fox News lies about Ron Paul claiming he stopped having campaign events

Crazy Faux News is reporting that Ron Paul is no longer campaigning, despite the fact that Ron Paul just had record turnout crowds in CA and continues to draw huge crowds that his competitors can only dream about. Fox News: "where in the world is Ron Paul?". For the cerebrally challenged over at Fox, Ron Paul is alive, well and campaigning like a rock star!
2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul has been in the news recently, but not for reasons one may imagine. This writer has covered numerous events in the last week where Dr. Paul has attracted thousands of people to hear him speak. Wednesday night alone Dr. Paul filled a stadium in California with a crowd of between 6,000 and 7,000 people. In fact, in California, Dr. Paul has had over 12,000 people attend his town halls in two days. You may have seen the coverage passed around on about his speeches and large crowds, but you have not seen coverage on Fox News. In fact, on Wednesday (the same day Dr. Paul was speaking to over 6,000 people) Fox News ran an article titled "Where in the World is Ron Paul?"
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