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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

French Left propose deindustrialization of Europe

The French left isn't any different than the left everywhere. They all envision a totalitarian state that will impose state defined utopia which includes blasting humanity back to the dark ages. De-industrialization and wealth redistribution are the core goal; no one can produce anything without government permission and folks will only have what the government says they can have. Government will define what folks need.
Debate increases in Europe over new economic plan that intentionally reverses economic and industrial growth. Yves Cochet, a Green party member from Paris and representative in the European parliament said "we live in an era where growth has met the limits of the planet." To avert "social chaos", he says Europeans must reduce their power usage and over-consumption in favor of the "environment, sobriety, and de-growth" for "the world, the spirit of the times and a new collective outlook." "De-growth is a rich idea," said French geographer Jean Chaussade. "The world needs a durable, qualitative growth that is controlled, tamed and reestablishes a balance between those who have too much and those who don't have enough to live."
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