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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Gary Johnson At 6% In New National Poll?

If the Libertarian Party is going to bust out of its typical .5% general election percentage, 2012 is the year to do it, assuming Ron Paul isn't the Republican nominee. According to Public Policy Polling, the poll numbers are: Obama 47%, Romney 42%, Johnson 6%, undecided 5%. Translation? The Libertarian liberty movement may not have the percentages to win elections but it most assuredly has the percentages to keep the GOP from winning. Still, the poll isn't believed by Republicans and Democrats who permanently consign the LP to the .5% Party.
Buzzfeed points to a new national poll from Public Policy Polling that has surprised some people in the level of support it shows for Gary Johnson, former Governor of New Mexico, and current candidate for the Libertarian Party’s Presidential Nomination...
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