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Friday, April 6, 2012

The Genetically Modified Food You Eat Every Day

What foods are likely to be derived from GMO crops?
Genetically modified food is in a store near you today. In fact, it’s been there for years. You may not know it, but in all the fracas over genetically modified food, one point is often left out: You’ve been eating it for a long time and no one has told you. This infographic from Nature’s Path--which makes organic cereals, bars, and waffles that contain no GMO ingredients, they’d like you to know--shows where you’re getting your genetically modified treats, and why no one has told you....Many crops are genetically modified so frequently, it’s nearly impossible to find non-GMO versions....To be fair, there isn’t any science that proves that GMO crops are at all bad for consumption; there also aren’t any that confirm that they’re safe. For now, we’re in the dark. And more and more GMO products--like Monsanto’s sneaky, unlabeled sweet corn, the first direct-to-consumer GMO food--are coming to market every day.
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