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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Germany Outraged over Swiss Arrest Warrants

This is a hoot - gotta love the Swiss! Apparently a lot of Germans are parking their money in Swiss banks to avoid German taxes. The German government actually sent tax collector spies to Switzerland on an espionage mission to steal Swiss financial data. The Swiss issued arrest warrants for the German tax 'inspectors'.
Many German politicians and tax collectors are furious about Switzerland's decision to issue arrest warrants against three German officials who bought a stolen CD with tax data. The move has gone down well in Switzerland, where politicians have praised the country's assertiveness. But it is unclear how the Swiss authorities will proceed -- the main witness is dead....The man behind the warrants, which have caused an escalation in the long-running tension between Germany and Switzerland over a planned tax-evasion prevention deal, is Switzerland's Attorney General Michael Lauber, the country's top criminal prosecutor.
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