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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

GOP to cut food stamps in deficit-reduction drive

I'm all for cutting entitlements, including food stamps. But the military, defense budget and national security police state should be cut first. The Republicans are going after entitlements so they can keep the wars and the empire going. This is simply wrong and constitutes sacrificing food for wars and the Nazified Police State.
Republicans controlling the House are eying big cuts to food stamps and would make it more difficult for illegal immigrants to claim child tax credits as they piece together legislation to cut $261 billion in the coming decade. It's the first step in a GOP exercise aimed at cutting domestic programs to forestall big Pentagon budget cuts next year. The cuts to food stamps would reduce the monthly benefit for a family of four by almost $60 and would force up to 3 million people off the program altogether by tightening eligibility.
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