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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

GSA inspector general is investigating possible bribes, kickbacks

The GSA scandal is expanding to include an investigation into bribes and kickbacks. While partying like a rock star and public corruption are fairly routine for federal agencies and its employees, getting caught doing it is indeed unusual and, hopefully, an emerging trend. Still, the government employees involved in the scandal are on paid leave.
The inspector general for the General Services Administration said Monday that he is investigating possible bribery and kickbacks in the agency, as lawmakers accused the former GSA administrator of allowing a Las Vegas spending scandal to erode taxpayers’ trust in government....GOP lawmakers argued that the excessive spending proves their case for smaller government. Taxpayers picked up the tab for a mind reader, bicycles for a team-building exercise and a slew of private parties at the conference....Neely, who earns a salary of $172,000, is one of five senior managers who have been placed on paid administrative leave pending further discipline.
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