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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

GSA nixes Vegas conference in wake of scandal

Partying like a rock star at taxpayer expense is something government employees expect. But with the Internet and alternate media exploding, MSM can no longer provide cover for the the crimes of government and its thieving agencies. The story of the GSA party in Las Vegas has gone so viral that the government actually fired some folks. If we keep this up and government continues for be exposed for its crimes against the taxpayers, the government might actually begin to fear the people which is precisely how it ought to be.
The General Services Administration to Las Vegas: We’re just not that into you — anymore. The agency, whose lavish 2010 conference in Sin City drew controversy — and led to the firing or discipline of eight officials — was slated to go back to the scene of the proverbial crime later this month. But alas for slots lovers, the GSA has cancelled “GreenUP 2012 Training Conference and Vendor Showcase,” set to take place in a Vegas hotel on April 25. A spokesman says the event has been axed, noting that acting Administrator Dan Tangherlini promised in a letter to employees to review all of its upcoming conferences “that involve travel or substantial expenditures of public funds.”
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