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Monday, April 2, 2012

Hashtags are the new bumper stickers

Social media is a powerful political tool.
In the past few years America has seen a surge of social media presence in every aspect of life — from shopping to transportation news to interpersonal connections — and now politics has been irrevocably added to the list of things to blog and tweet and tumble about...All of the presidential candidates, as well as nearly every senator, governor and political official and organization has a Twitter and Facebook account, and will frequently interact with their constituents through this forum. These Internet cork boards are also often where people voice their praise (or distrust or disdain) for government officials or programs. Blog sites get countless comments and replies to their articles from people all over the country voicing their opinions. And that is what social media is all about: making it easier for everyone to join in the conversation and broaden the understanding of an entire group of people. Social media is also an excellent way for political campaigns to gain support for bills, get donations, raise awareness of important issues, or help new candidates get their name and message out there to a broader audience.
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