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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How Sweet It Is - For Big Sugar Daddies & Other Corporate Welfare Queens

Big Ag may very well be the poster child for crony capitalism and corporatism. Actually, Big Ag is even double dipping with food subsidies and ethanol subsidies.
The cost to American consumers resulting from agricultural subsidies in terms of high food costs and the taxes needed to support one of the biggest corporate welfare boondoggles is a real shocker....Besides charging American families higher than the “free market” cost of sugar and destroying the environment, the sugar subsidies really hurt the third world and their ability to dig their way out of poverty by exporting food stuffs. But Obama has proven to be very much a sugar daddy to big sugar and has continued Republican style agricultural welfare by implementing import quotas on imported sugar. Congress has been strengthening the power of the U.S. sugar cartel since the 1980’s. In America, you fill a few campaign coffers and you buy yourself an incredibly profitable legalized monopoly.
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