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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Idaho Governor Goes Back to China: Selling Groceries or Green Cards?

Is Idaho selling Idaho to China?
Schmoozing with communists is nothing new for Governor Otter. In June 2010, he attended meetings in Beijing and Shanghai, extolling the economic virtues of his state and enticing the wealthy Chinese businessmen (agents of the government that owns the majority of those businesses) to invest in his state. He assured his comrades that Idaho stood ready to give them carte blanche to import men and money to the state....What can Idahoans expect to gain from this latest trip to China? Let’s review what happened last time, beyond the deals already described. After the trip to Shanghai last year, Otter initiated a plan to facilitate Chinese investment in the Gem State called Project 60. The details of the scheme reveal that in a very real, though indirect, manner Governor Butch Otter is opening the door to the gradual invasion of his state by undocumented Chinese “workers.” In very unclear terms, one of the principal planks of the Project 60 platform is known as “Inward Foreign Direct Investment.” As laid out on the Project 60 website, this portion of the plan will increase Idaho’s role “in global business” by providing foreign industry with “a strong impetus to economic development.” The “impetus” is a two-pronged attack on Idaho’s domestic workforce (read: the middle class). First, through Project 60, foreign business interests are encouraged to take advantage of favorable national immigration laws. Specifically, “The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service administers an immigrant investor visa program called EB-5. The program grants foreigners permanent U.S. residency in exchange for helping create U.S. jobs.”...The second phase involves the granting of tax breaks to the foreign companies.
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