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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Is Traditional Media Dying? The Numbers Indicate Just That

Beautiful news! MSM is dying a natural death which, of course, is causing the government to panic because its trusted propaganda vehicles are becoming irrelevant dinosaurs of a bygone era.
So-called mainstream media is quickly falling out of the mainstream. I am attempting to push the title of mainstream media out of my lexicon completely, replaced by “traditional media,” “legacy media,” “dinosaur media,” or “establishment media.” This is because in the near future, calling it mainstream media will be about as accurate as calling Wake Up World Nazi media (that is to say, ludicrously inaccurate). In March, the well known news organization and cable broadcaster CNN dropped a shocking 50% in total viewers and a whopping 60% in the age 25-54 demographic (A25-54) over the total day according to reports from TVNewser. On the other hand, during primetime they fell 21% in total viewers and 26% in A25-54 viewers compared to March of last year. CNN was not alone in losing a huge amount of their viewers, as the infamous Fox News was hit hard in March and overall in the first quarter (Q1) of 2012. For the month, Fox lost a whopping 17%, which further shows that the biased, misleading dinosaur media is on the way out, and fast.
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