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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Judge Strikes Down Democrat Governor’s Order Mandating Unionization Of Child Care Workers

Forcing the babysitter to pay union dues? Imagine what unionization would do to the cost of child care?
Note that the judge didn’t rule that forcing workers to join unions was illegal, rather that it’s not something the governor can just order without the legislature....The basis for Dayton’s attempt to force unionization on private-sector workers was that, because childcare centers receive state aid (indeed, it would be all but impossible to run a center without state aid in the regulatory environment that has been set up), then they are in fact a government employer and therefore must unionize its workforce. That would be a wide-ranging precedent, if upheld, in that any profession linked however tenuously to state aid or appropriations could be classified a defacto state agency and forced to unionize....If unions are so great, workers wouldn’t have to be forced to join them.
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