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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Just Go Away: Why the American Indian Needs to Leave the United States…Forever by Bill Buppert

The tribal lands supposedly under the control of America's Indian tribes do in fact enjoy some level of sovereign, though to what extent has never been clearly defined. Moreover, the American Indians have been reluctant to assert their so-called sovereignty by challenging federal government control. Still, the possibility of sovereign Indian nations de-tethering from the U.S. is an interesting thought. Think of the possibilities, like creating a free banking system to compete with the thieving Federal Reserve.
Russell Means told the Federal government the Lakota Sioux were going to secede and we are still waiting. The American Indians are ideally positioned to break away from the US in the most expeditious means possible if they would simply do it. Since first contact in the early sixteenth century, the original inhabitants of the North American continent have been getting a raw deal. Treaty after treaty has been broken and the concomitant trail of tears has been a veritable river. Beset by government largesse that has largely subsidized sloth, alcoholism and slavish dependency on welfare transfers, they are the poster child for how a government can quite literally destroy a sliver of humanity through a dependency that poisons the soul and eradicates any notion of independence. The Lakota are five years running after petitioning the State Department for withdrawal. And so far nothing, so what is a Indian secessionist to do.
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