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Friday, April 20, 2012

Kid Kontrol, or, Organized Insanity

Brave New Schools
Whenever I see this intellectual debris being touted in the media and the self-declared childhood consulting community, I am reminded that America is becoming a wasteland of mind-numbing idiocy where the masses of mini-authoritarians are hell-bent on managing, planning, and dominating every aspect of human living. Children are usually the target of the totalitarians-at-large, and as usual, no stone is left unturned, including recess. School recess has long been on the radar map of the lifestyle bureaucrats, and a couple of recent online pieces are rather revealing. Here, a blogger points to a study that reveals the “benefits” of organizing child recess....The helicopter mindset justifies recess control as a tool for eliminating bullying, and, according to this article, reducing exclusionary behavior. Be mindful of the fact that the modern victimology-psychology establishment considers exclusionary behavior (not including a child in a particular activity) to be a form of “bullying,” and thus a social menace.
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