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Thursday, April 26, 2012

LET ME COUNT THE WAYS, Five reasons why a Romney loss might be great news for Republicans

Unquestionably, the GOP deserves to suffer and be punished for its treachery and abandonment of the the constitution and principles of liberty. But the GOP has far worse problems because it's feisty factions all have different agendas.
The GOP is in a state of intellectual flux, illustrated perfectly by the ideological heterodoxy of its presidential field. Various strains representing different interests are fighting for the soul of the GOP: The neocons are duking it out with anti-war Paulistas. Social moderates are trying to wrest some space from pro-life religious conservatives. Deficits and debt worry everyone, but there is no consensus on entitlement reform. The GOP allegedly stands for the free market — but it has yet to figure out whether Bush’s financial bailout was right or wrong.
The larger issue is whether or not the GOP can even be saved. When the House flipped to the Dems in 2006, Republicans didn't change their evil ways and paved the road for Obama's election in 2008. They still haven't changed their evil ways! Yet there is always hope that election loses will change the direction of the Grand Old Party, despite there being zero evidence that the Republicans even want to change.
A visionless, rudderless, gaffe-prone presidency is the last thing that Republicans need right now. Having to defend Romney’s slips — he’s insulted 7-Eleven cookies, said he enjoys firing people, and announced he is not concerned about the very poor, and that’s just this year — will further contort the party’s soul. Four years of Romneyisms, all of which smack of elitism, will cement the image of the GOP as the party of the rich and out-of-touch. Better that the GOP remain in the political wilderness for another four years (and, hopefully, find itself) than have a Romney presidency prolong its intellectual and moral confusion.
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