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Friday, April 13, 2012


Slowly, folks are beginning to understand the correlation between the income tax and the endless wars. It's no accident that America has pretty much been at war non-stop ever since we got the Federal Reserve and the income tax (16th amendment) in 1913.  WW I broke out in 1914.
I was a bit surprised when I read this. Aren’t liberals usually self-loathing statists who think that resources should be collectivized and that taxation is just swell? A liberal writer (he admits this in the article) has called for an end to the personal income tax. He does so on grounds that many libertarians also believe in – ending the empire. Of course, our money finances the wars of aggression that the ‘Elites” order and benefit from. I’m glad to see a somewhat rational liberal for once. Frankly, my money should be my money and so should yours. This country did just fine without an income tax up until 1913 when Wilson gave it to the bankers.
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Freedom Bunker

Ironically, Freedom Bunker isn't exactly a Libertarian website and the source article links to, anything but liberal. Still, the Freedom Bunker writer indicates he's fed up with the wars and the empire even if he doesn't exactly know the difference between liberal and Libertarian; he does understand, however, that America is bankrupt and he'd like to keep the money he earns. Of course, many establishment Republicans have told me that Libertarians are just a gang of 'anything goes' libertines and they couldn't possibly allow that!

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