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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Mainstream Media’s Nightmare: Romney vs. What’s His Name

The Republican elites are in an absolute panic and so is the media.
From the day Ron Paul declared he was running, the mainstream media have had a problem: how to keep Paul’s message from getting a hearing. With a bunch of conservatives in the race, the media could safely focus on the conservative-of-the-month. But now Santorum has quit. It’s down to three: Romney, Gingrich, and Paul. How will the media spin this? How will they make it a race between Romney and Gingrich, with what’s his name not mentioned?...Ron Paul will have his podium from now on. He will keep hammering at the basic themes: too much spending, too much debt, and too much Bernanke. The hard-core Ron Paul audience will grow. Those already on board will get even more hard core...This is what we have not seen in American history: a man with a consistent message of small government making his case in front of millions of voters. Not since Grover Cleveland in 1892 has anyone running for President been this hard core. But Grover Cleveland did not have YouTube....In December of 2007, David Rockefeller had not heard of Ron Paul. Now he has. So have millions of others. We have seen the education of David Rockefeller....
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