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Monday, April 2, 2012

Man Finds Picasso Original In Thrift Store

Why it's a good idea to pay attention in art history class!
Zach Bodish, a 46-year-old University District resident, purchased what turned out to be an original Picasso print at a Volunteers of America thrift store in Clintonville for $14.14, according to The Columbus Dispatch. Initially, Bodish thought that the print was a reproduction, but he noticed on the corner there was a red signature and after some research he realized that he owned an original artist proof. “I started shaking a little bit,” Bodish told the paper. “I realized it wasn’t going to make me rich, but still, how often do you find a Picasso?” Bodish’s print turned out to be a linocut in which Picasso himself carved a design into a linoleum block. The block was inked and pressed into paper....The print’s worth could go up to $6,000 and could double in a gallery. Original prints of Picasso are more common than his paintings, but autographed editions aren’t as easily found.
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