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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Market-Based, Deeply-Discounted Surgery for Cash, Payable in Advance

Free market competition can easily solve our healthcare nightmare.
Below is a price schedule from the heroic Surgery Center of Oaklahoma. It's what an Obamacare free, non-government intrusive medical care industry would start to look like. Given the regulation surrounding the healthcare sector it is quite amazing this surgery center has been able to fight through the red tape to provide the low prices they are. Free the healthcare industry from government red tape and we would see falling medical care prices everywhere in the country and who knows what kind of innovations....  "To keep our prices as low as possible, cashier's checks or cash are the methods preferred. Credit cards and personal checks cannot be accepted. Payment in full is required at the time service is rendered. No payment arrangements can be made. These deeply-discounted prices are otherwise not available..."

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