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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mayor Admits, “Of Course I Lied to Get Elected. Voters Won’t Tolerate Truth.”

A politician is quite candid in her admission that she lied to get elected. But the greater problem is that politicians are forced to lie because folks can't handle the truth.
The mayor of Muncie, Indiana is amazingly forthright. She speaks for most politicians. Over lunch in a downtown restaurant, McShurley looks back on four years of voter discontent and says, “We have ourselves to blame.” In 2008, she had confessed that her election was the result of a less-than-honest campaign: While promising to bring new jobs to the city, she didn’t tell voters that they would have to settle for far less pay and benefits in postindustrial Muncie. “They want $30-an-hour factory jobs, $15-an-hour benefits packages. No continuing education,” a dismissive McShurley told a reporter a few months into her term. “They want it just like their grandparents had it, just like some of their parents had it.” Four years later, McShurley has little regret. “Why wasn’t I more honest with voters?” she asks. It’s a rhetorical question: “They didn’t want to hear it.”
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