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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mitt Romney: In Your Heart, You Know He’s A Loser, Are the Republicans deliberately throwing the presidential election?

So long as Obama is president, the Republicans get everything they want (wars, socialism, entitlements, crony capitalism, fascism etc.) and they also get to blame Obama and the Dems for the economic, fiscal and monetary mess. If they win in November then the Republicans will be forced to assume responsibility and Republicans have no interest whatsoever in changing the corrupt to the core system.
The economy is in a mess, and – in spite of the Obama administration’s pathetic attempts to conjure a "recovery" out of thin air — looks like it is tanking. The European banks are on the verge of a meltdown, and the jobless rate in this country is much higher than anyone in officialdom is willing to acknowledge (although ordinary people know the truth). What’s more, America’s position abroad is none too good: after being driven out of Iraq, which is falling into the Iranian orbit, we’re well on our way to losing the war in Afghanistan, and the whole region is in turmoil. Israel is threatening to start World War III with an attack on Tehran, an act that would drive the world economy over a cliff. Would you want to be President when the price of oil is over $200 a barrel? Which brings us to the question that has been hovering around the edge of my consciousness ever since the Republican primary battle commenced: is the GOP deliberately throwing the 2012 presidential election?
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