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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Not Libertarian? You're Probably a Socialist

The R's and D's remain a noose around the neck of liberty and folks still overwhelmingly vote for socialism and statism.
Both Republicans and Democrats plan. Off the bat it doesn't sound like a bad thing, think “social safety net”. But the notion of planning is predicated on the idea that someone else has information you don't, moreover that they have the right to plan for you...To “plan” by public sanction is to evince a value desiring the wide recognition of a social goal, think universal health care, a drug free America, a living wage, a stable and friendly Iraq, the War on Poverty, the list is endless because our potential values are endless. Hence, to enact said “plan”, through whatever political mechanism available is appropriately called - socialism.,,,The fact of the matter is every American ideological movement save one, Libertarianism, is socialist from one degree to another..
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