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Friday, April 6, 2012

Park Slope Parents Want Ice Cream Trucks Banned To Avoid Testy Tantrums From Tots

One of the primary reasons America is such a dysfunctional, cerebrally challenged, psychopathic nation of whining lunatics is because every time something happens that displeases them in any way they start to scream 'there ought to be a law'. Whatever they don't like, they want outlawed and criminalized. Whiny parents produce whiny kids and banning the ice cream truck won't save their kids from growing into whiny dysfunctional adults. One of the basic functions of parenthood is to control your bratty kids.  How about all the parents and kids who do like the friendly ice cream truck?  They apparently don't matter.
Who doesn’t like the ice cream truck? Apparently some parents in Park Slope. Dozens of recent comments on a Park Slope parents message blog said ice cream vendors need to leave the area, especially places around the playgrounds and parks, to help avoid afternoon meltdowns and temper tantrums from children craving frozen treats.
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CBS New York

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