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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Paul backers' election to state GOP committee sends message

Paulites are shaking up the Iowa GOP.
A rising tide of Republicans who share Ron Paul’s philosophy of limited government are flooding into GOP party roles in Iowa....Six of the new Iowa GOP state central committee members elected at district conventions Saturday have publicly expressed support for Paul...The Republican delegates at the four GOP district conventions also elected two people who backed Rick Santorum to the 18-member board that governs the Republican Party of Iowa. Two others were Michele Bachmann campaign workers, and one caucused for Newt Gingrich....The growing Paul faction in leadership positions at the Republican Party of Iowa — including the new chairman, A.J. Spiker, who was the Paul campaign’s Iowa vice chairman and can break ties in central committee votes — has created tension with Iowa Republicans who do not share their affection for the Texas congressman or subscribe to some of his views....Agree or disagree with Paul, he draws fresh faces into political activism in Iowa, including younger people, independents and Democrats.
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